Have you seen a toddler swipe through an iPad?

If you have then you know how different this new digitally-native generation are going to be.

And the subcultures they are creating are qualitatively different to the types that emerged in the past.

There’s a lot we can learn.

So – remaining relevant means speaking to young people, and the subcultures that they are a part of.

Our approach gives you deep access to the people and cultures you need. It is rooted in authentic engagement. We don’t bombard a panel with ill-considered research requests. Instead we…

  • Recruit through the gatekeepers we know at leading magazines/events/blogs etc
  • Elevate participants to the status of co-researcher and let them help us design the research
  • Ensure that our participants get something more than just a quick bit of cash
  • Engage across the social media platforms they use
  • And we make it fun and immersive

Check out our case-study for Studio Output and BBC 1Xtra