Research is the sum of the people involved. This means getting amazing participants.

We achieve this through our networked approach.

What do we mean? We mean:

  • Nurturing our relationships with key communities of culture and practice
  • Understanding and leveraging different social media platforms
  • Engaging through creative ways (such as dinners, drinks and immersive events)
  • Going where people naturally are – from skateparks to conferences
  • Having strong relationships with gate-keepers, connectors and influencers
  • Designing research that is intrinsically motivating and fun
  • A deep understanding of network and community science
  • And finally (crucially) only conducting research that provides a net-gain to all involved.

Doing research like this leads to conversations with:

  • Heightened engagement
  • Better articulation
  • Stronger rapport
  • Easy recruitment
  • Authentic relationships with actionable research outcomes

Let’s move away from research panels, and towards research networks…

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