The promise of having a pool of people ready and waiting to answer your crucial business challenges is powerful.

Having your own proprietary platform with your own online community allows you to put the customer right at the heart of your decision-making processes. You become truly customer-centric.


They are difficult to maintain. It is hard to motivate people to take part. You don’t always have activities for the community to do. It can be clunky. Perhaps it is not as agile as you need. And it can cost quite a lot to keep running.

Our DigiQual solution is an alternative to this.

It doesn’t have a complicated custom platform. It is based on existing social networks – the places where people are already comfortable communicating. And it can scale up or down based on client demands.

Maybe you just need a quick WhatsApp group to discuss a new concept. Perhaps you just need a couple of Gen Z trend hunters to take some Instagram pictures of their favourite hang-outs. Perhaps you want some parents to quickly create a Pinterest mood board of their experiences at the school gates.

Having your own insight community is great. And sometimes it’s crucial. But we’ve created DigiQual to help our clients enjoy the benefits of agile and rich qualitative insight at the speed, cost and scale that they need, when they need it.

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