Our thinking behind Digiqual is simple.

We need a way to provide authentic and robust qualitative research projects – fast.

For too long the old method of focus groups has been king. You know the type. Getting a bunch of people out to a facility, hoping they’ll turn up, sitting clients behind a one-way mirror, hoping to get everything you need discussed.

Instead, we offer an tightly-optimised,  super-fast, ultra-convenient, much-cheaper, and infinitely-better approach:

  • Step one: our consultants have a chat about what you need to explore qualitatively and pull together a discussion guide
  • Step two: we recruit from our participant networks and launch asap online using tools people are familiar with
  • Step three: we report as the data comes in

But Digiqual isn’t just digital. We tend to choose a few people and give them a phonecall. Or get them recorded on webcam, or invite them out for a coffee.

It’s flexible, digital, and creative – just what modern research should look like.

We’ve been finding this method is finding a home in the world of pitches, campaigns or proposition development.

Contact us at hello@coin-research.com to find out more!