At Coin Research we have an ambition to have a positive impact on the world. Not just in what we do as researchers but also in how we do it.

It’s really hard to not sound corny or overly worthy when you say this out loud (or write it down in a post!) but the sentiment is surely a positive one.

Over the past couple of months we’re delighted to say that through our client projects more than £7,000 has been donated to charity, supporting a variety of causes from local football clubs to the Yemen Crisis Appeal and everything in between. This was all kick-started by our lovely clients at Channel 4 in a project where participants were encouraged to donate their incentives to charitable causes close to their hearts.

This has been such an overwhelmingly positive experience – kind letters and emails of thanks really lift your spirits on cold, bleak February mornings! – that we’re now integrating this approach into future client projects via our Participant Charter.

Sure, we deliver results for our clients but more than that we want to make a bigger difference the world as we do so.